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Breath and movement with purpose can open our minds, our imaginations and our bodies, helping us gain a deeper appreciation for the integrity and beauty of our whole selves. Yoga provides a powerful framework to experience breath and movement. Enjoy the ensuing release of tension and subsequent physical and emotional balance, strength, and confidence that brings.

The Serenus studio can accommodate the experienced yoga practitioner as well as providing a safe place for those who come to practice for the first time. Our flow classes draw from the traditions of Hatha, Vinyasa and Asthanga yoga and can increase ease of movement, flexibility and strength while helping you gain peace of mind and greater mental focus.

“Knowing where you are going and clearing a path forward will help you get there.”

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Whether you are an individual, group, or corporate team Serenus offers flow sessions that can benefit both mind and body.

Flow Yoga Sessions

Flow Yoga

Whether you want achieve greater ease of movement or a more relaxed and joyful expression of yourself, we can help you achieve your goals with our individual or group sessions.

Flow Yoga Personal Mentoring

Personal Mentoring

We provide personal mentoring sessions to help you set new fitness and life goals. Let us work with you to define these goals, plans to implement them, and coach you through the ongoing process of growth and change.

Flow Yoga and Leadership Mentoring

Leadership Mentoring

We provide mentoring sessions to help you grow as a leader. We can help you inventory your leadership skills and challenges, then work with you to develop personal and strategic goals. Serenus also provides ongoing coaching sessions to help you become a more effective leader and achieve your goals.

Flow Yoga Small Group Retreats

Small Group Retreats

Is your small group planning a retreat to reflect, energize, and refresh? Serenus can join your next group retreat and incorporate breath and movement sessions that will benefit both mind and body.

Our sessions are small, providing a safe and intimate environment for you or your group. Contact us today to learn how you can start your journey to better physical strength, emotional health, and peace of mind.