About Serenus

Elsje Zwart is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance, a corporate trainer, and has held executive and management level positions in both non-profit and for-profit organizations. She holds a Masters of Science in Management degree from Antioch University New England. For Elsje, the skills and confidence to lead were acquired over a lifetime of learning. It has been a journey of experience, practice, and an inner conviction of her calling to help people experience greater flexibility, joy, and freedom in their movements and in their minds. Helping people grow and flourish, whether in groups or as individuals, is her gift.

Registered Yoga Teacher Yoga Alliance

Elsje’s first yoga class was in 1996 at the Gloucester YMCA, a small city about an hour north of Boston, Massachusetts. Her instructor, Bob Lopilato, led a group of fledgling yogis through a series of movements called Ashtanga yoga. While new to the practice, her love of yoga began and grew in that small room at the YMCA.

About Elsje Zwart Registered Flow Yoga Teacher

What also grew was the development of an encouraging community that fostered personal growth and physical change. Yoga can facilitate and enhance an exciting sense of growth and make us aware of possibilities both on and off the mat. As the group gained in strength and flexibility, each person found themselves better equipped to deal with the stress of demanding jobs, family responsibilities, and the many other obligations in their busy lives.

Elsje spent much of her career leading, directing, and guiding teams. Not only does she have front-line executive experience as a Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Director, and Manager; but has helped multiple teams develop their own processes to sharpen focus and productivity. She has on many occasions worked with executives and managers who wanted to become better leaders that fostered focus and joy in the teams they managed.

When her job, location, and community changed, she continued to practice yoga. In 2018, after another major career change and a significant health crisis, Elsje was led to re-evaluate her calling. She decided to combine her love of yoga with her previous corporate and life experiences and has since become a certified yoga teacher, opened her own studio – Serenus – and now uses yoga to help others reduce stress, find physical and emotional balance, strength and confidence.

Elsje believes mentoring individuals and teams is a privilege. Facilitating change and seeing others grow to become more hopeful and animated is a joy. Contact Elsje today to learn more about how you can benefit from her experience for you or your group.